2018 Artists + Performers



10,000 Lake Twister (Artists:: Jared Haberer and Evan Hall)
10,000 Lakes Twister is a contemporary reinvention of the classic game, with a Minnesota Twist. Test your knowledge of the lakes or spin the wheel and play the game. So be sure to bring your cameras because 10,000 Lakes Twister frames fun with curious Minnesota light.

The Archive
The Archive Shanty is a space filled with specimens and curios that spark wonder. Inspired by the displays in natural history museums, this collection can’t be easily placed in a certain time period. Its specimens represent a blend of real and imagined natural artifacts from Lake Harriet area/Bde Unma, and visitors to the Archive will collectively imagine the past, present, and possible natural landscape of South Minneapolis.

BINGO! Shanty (Artist:: Jeremy Bue)
BINGO! Shanty is going to bring the bingo in as many ways possible. Hosted by various artists and performers who will each put their own spin on our suspended oversized bingo cage!

Cinema Shanty and Ice Box Studios (Artists:: Jeff Sherman, Vanessa Miles, Jen Arzayus, Aleshia Mueller)
The Cinema Shanty houses a 6 ft diameter zoetrope showing a changing series of animations powered by the participants. Additionally, more animations can be created in the Soundstage 18 shanty of Ice Box Studios next door.

Electric Machete (Artists:: Electric Machete Studio artists Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra, Tania Galaviz de Espinoza, Reynaldo Lara, Jessica Lopez Lyman, Felipe Cuauhtli, Xilam Balam)

Get in Feel with your Touchings

The Lonely Whale Shanty (Artist:: Giuliana Pinto)
The Lonely Whale Shanty is an interactive installation that will invite its guests into the belly of a special whale. Scientists have recorded whale calls from a single lonely whale in the Pacific Ocean for over two decades now. This lonely whale has learned much on its solo voyage. It has secrets and ideas and feelings that most people will never know, until, of course, the arrival of the lonely whale shanty.

Mirage Shanty (Artist:: Aaron Squadroni)
The Mirage Shanty is an illusion. One day it will be there and the next it will not. One day it will be ice, the next it will be sky, and then snow. It is a puzzle without a solution. You will find and lose yourself within its walls.

Monarch Butterfly Migration Shanty (Artists:: Mina Leierwood, Richard Parnell, Janet Groenert, Terry McDaniels, Morgan L'Argent, Suzanne Trapp, Tara Fahey, Peter Schulze)
The Monarch Butterfly Migration Shanty seeks to celebrate the life cycles of pollinators and bring us closer to the web of life that supports us all, through education, fun, and action.

The Notary Shanty (or, The Cold Hard Truth Shanty) (Artists:: Jenni Undis and Alyssa Baguss)
The Notary Shanty (aka Notaries on Ice: The Cold Hard Truth Shanty) will invite guests to consider authority, authenticity, and the magic of carbonless forms. Visitors to our office on ice can choose from a selection of pledges, contracts and resolutions - fill out your favorite form, and get a seal of approval. If you have actual legal documents, our actual legal notaries can notarize those too.

Phone Valet (Artists:: Sami Pfeffer and Anne Grinager)
Phone Valet offers complimentary curbside service for your smartphone. Leave your phone with us for a bit and explore the shanties with one of our analog “apps” such as hand-drawn maps (to some secret spots) and real film cameras.

Revolution Shanty (Artists:: Southwest High School artists)
Artists from the Revolution180 Art and Creative Writing class at Southwest High School will be making a shanty that involves researching Minnesota Revolutionaries and writing poetry about the revolutions of the mind.

Sonic Shanty (Artists:: Rebecca Loyche and Jonathan Loyche)
The Sonic Shanty is an instrument with the ice that visitors can play and experience how their presence there affects the lake on a sonic level. The acoustic body of the shanty resonances the sounds generated by interactions and this is mixed with a live audio feed from two hydrophones under the ice.

Team Engine at Cooperation Station (Artists:: Nat Locke and Ana Begej)
The Team Engine at Cooperation Station will be a bustling scene of fun and excitement. Choose a game that suits your group, grab your supplies from inside the shanty, and then go play! Come back and tell us about your experience on the Wall of Reflection, and then head out and do it again!

The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines presented by The Winding Sheet Outfit (Artists:: Amber Bjork, Derek Miller, Kristina Fjellman, Megan Campbell Lagas and Kayla Dvorak Feld)
The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines is a mobile theater event. Three odd sisters and a strange ticketmistress perform 5-10 minute pieces, designed for very small audiences inside a tiny parlor, and range from eerie storytelling, very silly puppeteering, and truly bad fortunetelling.

The Thwing (Artists:: Paul Owen, Jeff Berg and Derek Ahlberg)
The Thwing will be a duo of circus swings working in conjunction with each other to create sound and mystery. The swings will face each other with funhouse mirrors in between them. It will give the visitor the illusion of swinging into infinity. The power they create by swinging will drive spinning drums and flying whistles. The swings will whistle as they soar through the air and will be attached to cables that spin beating drums. It will be a totally interactive, welcoming and joy-filled experience

The Tomb of the Unknown Minnow (Artists:: Nicholas Maurstad, Mike Taus and Angela Maki North)
The Tomb of the Unknown Minnow is a mausoleum honoring the sacrifices made by minnows throughout the year as bait for Minnesotans fishing for food and sport. By bestowing rituals reserved for our most honored dead onto a part of nature commonly viewed as insignificant, we hope to engage participants in a deeper understanding of what the natural world sacrifices for our survival and comfort.

Twin Cities Sailing Club's (or TCSC) Sea Shanty

Why Not Knit! (Artists:: Jane Powers and Qian Liu)
The Why Not Knit! shanty will provide a place for people to meet each other and have an opportunity to converse—both within and outside the shanty—through the act of joining threads together: knitting, crocheting, tying knots, braiding, and even weaving with your hands with gloves on. As in quilting bees, story yarns may evolve as the threads of yarn are joined. Along with weaving threads, participants can choose to add their verse to an ongoing poem, “why not knit!”.

Wish Factory (Artists:: Susan Haugen, Scott Haug, Yuya Negishi and Rick Beddoe)
The Wish Factory, guests are invited to make a wish for themselves, for the universe or for the person behind them. Wishes are transformed into tokens in The Wish Factory Machine or hung on the walls for future guests to read.