Art Shanty Projects provides unique opportunities for artists to interact in an unintimidating, non-gallery environment. In ten years of operations, Art Shanty Projects has served over 1,000 artists and nearly 60,000 audience members. Participants cite a broad range of artistic experiences and demonstrate an increasing diversity of origin, age, ethnicity, and arts engagement. Our On-Ice Program has been requested by several other communities to grace frozen landscapes in Greater Minnesota. Growth and expansion is limited by the ability to fund or staff additional projects in order to meet audience demand. Challenged to meet the appeal of varied community members, the Art Shanty Projects is ready to take on the future with the help from foundations and other granting organizations as well as individual donors.

Art Shanty Projects supports resident artists fiscally and logistically. As a nonprofit organization, we depend on and are deeply grateful for the consideration and kindness of our volunteers, partners, sponsors, and donors who have supported our endeavors. Your gift provides the avenues for us to continue our mission to create artist-driven temporary communities and accomplish our vision of expanding the notions of what art can be.