The Art Shanty Projects seeks visual artists, musicians, composers, puppeteers, architects, poets, scientists, dancers/choreographers, writers, fisher-people, naturalists, vocalists, spoken word artists, craftspeople, storytellers, actors, or playwrights, etc., to create engaging programs of live events for our artist driven communities. By encouraging participation from artists of all media, backgrounds, and experience levels, we strive to foster open interactions between artists and audience members. There are no application restrictions for artists to present. We encourage creative people of all types to apply. Our goal is to expand the ideas of who can be an artist.


    General Program Timeline

  • May – Call for Shanty Artists
  • August – Shanty Artists Notified
  • September – Call for Performance Artists
  • October – Performance Artists Notified
  • November – Meeting for All Program Participants
  • December / January – Construction of Shanties
  • January / February – Installation, On-Ice Program

Artists wishing to submit a proposal for an engaging program of live events during the shanty season include shanty builders and performers. Successful projects consider the unique environment of the on-ice shanty community and expand the notions of what art can be for both the artist and audiences. Individual project management of shanties allow for the development and realization of artistic vision and create meaningful interaction for participants. All proposals should be submitted electronically and will be chosen by a jury panel made up of an Art Shanty representatives, local artists, curators and past participants.

On-Ice Program artist stipends are provided for selected projects to offset the costs of creating and staffing during required program hours. Artists who build a shanty are expected spend a significant portion of time on the ice.