2017 Artists + Performers


Air Hockey On Ice (Artists:: Alexander HansonKyle Peets, Anthony Zappa)
This shanty takes the familiar form of a video arcade that showcases one game and one game only; Air Hockey. Visitors will get a chance to give into our “bad joke,” and participate in an approximation of the real game of hockey removed from the very ice where you might find a “normal,” game of hockey. The arcade will allow the participant to experience the absurdity of the games we play and the way in which the spectacle of those games mediate our experience of the world, or at the very least, allow them to play a game or two of air hockey on a frozen lake.

Artetarium (Artists:: Gabriel Bodkin, Alex Schluender) 
A domed structure, like a planetarium, inside which visitors recline and view silhouetted "constellations" on the darkened ceiling, while listening to live storytelling and atmospheric music. The purpose of the Artetarium is to provide a place for visitors to reflect on the archetypes and myths that make up their understanding of the human story.

Birdhouse of Arthur J. E. Wren (Artist:: Simon Sutherland) 
An anachronistic, otherworldly space for wanderers will draw in the curious, playfully encouraging them to investigate and explorer, but ultimately aiming to create a space to step out of their habitual rush. Visitors are encouraged to take a moment, be in the moment, and share some intimacy with close friends or even oneself.

Chef Shanty (Artist:: Jeremy Bue
This shanty, inspired by cooking and craft, brings art and food together with interactive projects, demonstrations and tastes in one inspired space. Visitors will engage with various fun and educational food-connected projects as well as presentations by a wide group of culinary artists, visual artists and food inspired folks.

Conversation Booth (Artists:: Alexandra Eninsche, Caitlin Dippo, Nick Kramer) 
A place that invites strangers to meet each other and slowly reveal themselves. Visitors can stop and make contact with the other festival attendees, prompting conversations that might not otherwise happen.

The Dance Shanty (Artists:: Brady Clark, John Each, Bethany Hall, John Pedersen, Stu Ralston, Mike Rasmussen, Jake Ryan) 
Dancing, a universal language, seeps into the corners of our beings not touched by light, but rather felt by sound and vision. We open our floor to all and continue to break down boundaries between strangers through dance. Returning visitors will find a familiarity and new visitors will get to experience the energy and pulse the shanty brings.

GHOST SHANTY (Artists::  Sam Clausen, Lauren Fleming, Sean Higgins, Perri Kinsman, Tyler MacNeal, Joe Mollen)
A collection of artifacts from across the region, selected to express the diverse character of a Minnesota experience.  The visitor is encouraged to interact with / translate / interpret / and/or abstract the artifacts through art-making, leaving behind a trace (or ghost) and thereby furthering / complicating a layered understanding of what Minnesota means to the individual.

I-C SPArkle-matic (Artists:: Richelle Soper, Cole Zrostlik) 
Like a human carwash, the I-C-SPArkle-Matic is a long enclosure with found objects that prod and poke the visitor as they make their way through the shanty. This interactive spa experience invites the audience to participate in a humorous and affectionate interaction.

Leaf Your Fears Behind (Artist:: Giuliana Pinto
An interactive installation piece in which visitors are asked to reflect on their fears and comforts. As the installation grows with participation, the structure will blossom, reminding us that we are not alone. A singular and personal experience will become a collective creation, bringing the piece to life.

Sci-Fi Book Club (Artists:: Brent Aldrich, Sun Di, Adam Dick, Jon LoveSteve Smolinski, Audrey Svane) 
Traveling through time and space from 900 years in the future, the Sci-Fi Book Club's escape pod has crashed onto the surface of a frozen lake! Visitors to the pod can write letters to the future that are placed in a time capsule; work on collaborative extraterrestrial drawings; or check out books from the sci-fi library, all while trying to get the hyperdrive up and running.

Sensa-station Story Shanty (Artists:: Krista Beier, Andy Fischer, Laura Olson, Asfia Rizwy) 
A sensory experience with two unique dreamscapes. One is soft, wispy and whimsical. The other is a rough landscape much like Martian territory; spiky, sharp and corroding. Following the exploration of the rooms, participants will engage in community story writing, inspired by the environments within the shanty.

Shanty National Park (Artists:: Eli Edleson-Stein, Sarah Rusch
Shanty National Park is not a replica of an existing park, rather it is a park of imaginations and memories. In Shanty National Park you will find vast expanses, lush greenery, critters large and small. Visitors are invited to experience the mystical power and tranquility of nature.

Slumber Party Shanty (Artists:: Anthony Chapin, Sarah Chapman, Alex Eninsche, Erin Lavelle, Thomas Menke, Tami Traeger, Ryan Weber) 
A giant enclosed bed on ice where guests of all ages attend slumber party up top after a visit with the monster underneath. Visitors enter the shanty through a secret passage and make their way through the dark corners under the bed. An opportunity to don costumes is presented before guests head up to the slumber party to meet the host and play games with other attendees.

Snow Blind (Artist:: Robin Garwood) 
Snow Blind is a moire-immersion shanty. Moire is a visually evident pattern created by overlapping grids.

String Box Shanty (Artists:: Christopher BrennyDave DammarMark DunsworthAdam JarviMonica Russell [NewStudio Architecture], Sean Wagner
String Box is an art installation that reacts to the ever-changing environment of the lake and its surroundings through the use of string. From an empty frame to a maze of overlapping, threaded colored string (rope), the installation will showcase the effect of the human touch over time.  Every weekend, the frames will be threaded with string by visitors to evolve during the duration of the event.

The Justice Shack (Artists:: Jennifer Byers, Colleen Cook, Hortense MacLeod, Angela Maki-North) 
Through poetry, meditation, and community engagement, the Justice Shack offers opportunities to grapple with issues of justice in our world.

The Sky is Falling (Artists:: Raymond Finzel, JP Merz, Jane Rennick) 
This shanty provides an interactive light and sound biofeedback experience as the audience participates directly with the shanty and artists to explore the cyclical relationship between our inner world and the environment.

Vehicle of Expression (Artists:: Valerie BoreyMatthew Everett, Christine Jaspers, Jaymee Kjelland, Elizabeth Sowden) 
A shanty with a literary bent: a vehicle for writers and readers of poetry, drama, and literature in its many forms. The bus will be host to a variety of writing activities, readings, and even theatrical performances.

Winter Parasol (Artist:: Kerrik Wessel
For those who love to be in the sun during the winter, experience a parasol with colorful red translucent panels. The panels are beautiful in appearance but also serve another function to collect the sun's energy (luminescent solar concentrators), thus generating electricity.

Welcome Shanty (Designed and originally constructed by David Pitman)
In the center of the artist-driven temporary community is the gathering point for artists, performers, and audiences to warm their hands and hearts as they learn more about Art Shanty Projects from the board members, volunteers and contracted staff who give life to this uniquely Minnesotan festival each year. 



Action Movie (Artist:: Olive Bieringa) An action movie as a one-on-one walking performance. Audiences will have a live low-fi movie created just for them as they trek through the Art Shanty Village. Visitors are offered an escape from a world of constant illumination into a practice of vibrant potentiality; a performance in which the imagination is given space to transform our understanding of the everyday; a practice in making magic through the simple act of opening, closing, and opening our eyes.

ArtCar + ArtBikes of Minnesota (Artists:: Carol Ahlgren, Allen ChristianJan ElftmannSandee Elftmann, Ruthann GodolleiMax HaynesMina Leierwood, Mark Mueske, Patti PaulsonJanet Skidmore, Craig Upright, Toni Warner) The world’s only ArtCar and ArtBike Parade on ice happens here in Minnesota each winter. Driving across the ice is a challenging idea to many; especially other ArtCar and ArtBike artists from across the nation where it does not get cold enough to hold events on a frozen lake. ArtCars will also be available for anyone wanting transport back to shore. 

Create A Play On the Bus (Artists:: Charles Campbell,  Hector Chavarria, Matthew A. Everett,  Fire Drill [Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney]) Visitors are invited into the Vehicle of Expression shanty to create a site-specific play. The audience determines the random order and content of the scenes which make up the play by choosing a number. Then members can hand off their script to actors or play along and perform the scene themselves.

feed//back (Artist:: JP Merz) A structured improvisation for two percussionists composed specifically for interactive light and sound components of The Sky is Falling shanty. Shifting between an active affective role-guiding the emotions of the listeners- and a passive affective role-responding to the listeners’ emotions as displayed in the shanty’s interactive elements- this work creates a networked loop between the shanty’s audience, performers and technology.

Fire and Ice: A Winter Flamenco Odyssey (Artists:: Deborah Elias Danza Española with the Coro Flamenco Street ChoirIn a juxtaposition of Southern Spain and Minnesota, this combination flamenco procession, performance, and sing-along will heat up the ice with energy and festivity. The Coro Flamenco Street Choir will process around the shanties and gather to sing and dance to traditional flamenco songs. Visitors are invited to join the procession and join in the fun by doing palmas (rhythmic hand clapping), playing rhythm instruments, and singing along.

Ice Garden (Artist:: Peter Schulze) Using a technique where frozen shapes are 'glued' together with liquid water in freezing temperatures, visitors will be invited to participate by 'watering the garden'. An ice garden will evolve and be documented over the duration of the Art Shanty Projects On-Ice Program.

Inward Music: Defrosted (Artist:: Sarah Stengle) Inward Music: Defrosted is a moveable sculptural installation of small harps and furniture mounted on skis. The instruments are based on the Finnish kantele, an ancient lap harp. A performer plays on one of the harps while inviting people to participate on the other harps. The harps can be played with mittens on.

Lady Bear on Ice (Artists:: Kim FordJimmy Grackle, Christopher Lutter-Gardella, Josh McGarveyRobert Werling, Riley Wiseman) Lady Bear, the full-scale female Polar Bear Puppet is back on the ice at the Art Shanty Village to carouse with the shanty builders, dance with the visitors and roar with the children!

Lineage (Artist:: Otto Ramstad) Lineage is about people traveling through very particular landscape of a frozen lake. Viewers will walk towards the solo dance to connect the body with the act of walking, the elements, and intimate audience experiences. The audience will follow the dance piece over the ice, moving their body to see the performance, choosing their proximity.

OPM Winter Plein Air Painters (Artists:: Featured Painters) Outdoor Painters of Minnesota will deploy painters to Shanty Village to paint en plein air. Artists will interact with visitors to share the challenges and joys of plein air painting during winter.

Prairie Fire Lady Choir ON ICE (Artists:: Prairie Fire Lady Choir) The local all-female a cappella singing group is sure to warm folks up and get them smiling, laughing, dancing, singing along! With thirty or so members in bright, fiery outfits, audiences will be drawn in with a mix of covers and originals, all arranged by choir members.

Preposterous Polemic (Artist:: Rachel Bendtsen Beauchamp) Preposterous Polemic celebrates flights of fancy with a logical and supported debate stance on a subject of absolutely no importance whatsoever! Guests will select from a list of truly polarizing and also absurd debate topics. Artists will engage with any interested guests in an impassioned debate. Can your heart and mind be swayed from their initial impression?

The GIANT Frame Photo Guestbook (Artist:: Patti Paulson) Memorialize your visit to Art Shanty Projects with a photo taken in the GIANT Frame!! Take your own pics or pose for our camera. Images may be shared via social media. #ArtShantyProjects