2014 Artists + Performers


Are You a Robot/Monster? (Artists:: Nicole Infinity & Monica Rojas)
In the age of Instagram and Facebook Uploads what could be more fun than getting your picture taken as a Robot or Monster? This shanty revives the tradition of cardboard cutout photos in Art Shanty fashion.

Drama/Puppet Therapy Circus – Sami Shanty (Artists:: Deborah Yarchun, Saga Blane, & Ben Percholt.)
In the tradition of the Sami structure known as the Lavvu, the Drama/Puppet Therapy Circus Shanty will encourage audiences to look either to their past or their  future for inspiration in participating in this shanty’s activities . Visitors will be given the choice to perform or observe and the line between private confessions and performative scripts will be blurred.

Elevator Shanty (Artists:: Cali Mastny, Claire Alexander, Dan Bayn, Rachel Bendtsen, David Bryan, Lauren Desteno, Laura Gerald, Marc Gutman, Caly McMorrow, Matt Mackall, Aaron Prust, Scott Raleigh, Cole Sarar, & Beth Scudder)
While waiting in the ice-lobby visitors cannot even begin to imagine where the Elevator Shanty will take them. With elevator themed music, puns, and general rowdiness the Elevator Shanty will surely take you to new heights on the ice.

Ice Ice Maybe (Artists:: Lea Devon Sorrentino & Kayla Campbell)
The Shanty’s primer high-end boutique specializing in the commodification of timelessness, Ice Ice Maybe offers the finest ice encased objects that money can’t buy.

Lost, Found & Wanted Shanty (Artists:: Natasha Pestich, Jennifer Hibbard, Christopher Alday, Dustin McChesney, and Kara Gregory)
An art shanty version of the want ads. Lost, Found & Wanted Shanty will be making connections allover shantytown throughout the month. Visit a real old fashioned typewriter in this shanty to write up and post what you’ve lost, what you’ve found, a personals ad, or something to trade. With visitors encouraged to share both real and fictional needs, exchanges, and invitations this shanty is sure to help make dreams come true.

Noah’s Art Shanty (Artists:: Peg Cavanaugh, Dave Greenlund, Pam Schweitzer, Dan Mackerman, Heidi and Mike Casey, Edee Affeldt, Dennis Murnyak, Jim and Joan Lange, Lynne Berkland, Randy Purchase, Crystal and Bob Wisen, Brent Geffre, & Mark Erenberg)
Get your hands messy in clay and create animals in the makeshift barn boat that is Noah’s Art Shanty! While participants work on their animal shapes storytellers will share animal tales from multiple cultural traditions. Clay will be fired each week and put on view. Creators are invited to come back at the end of the month to claim their pieces.

North Flicks (Artists:: Aaron C. Squadroni, John Green, Katie Marshall, Ashley Kolka, Heather Wayne, Susan Greve, Sarah McBroom, Patrick Smith, Draeke Weseman, & Maria Squadroni)
North Flicks will bring back the magic of the zoetrope to share the stores and memories of the Iron Range. Audience members of all ages will have the opportunity to contribute to the shanty’s zoetrope, and to make their own to bring home.

Pedal Bear (Artists:: Mina Leierwood, Mary Jane LaVigne, Janet Groenert, Peter Schulze, Maryanna Harstad, Kurt Seaburg, Richard Parnell, Allen Christian, Matt and Gretchen Carlyle, and Chuck Dollar)
Engage in conversations about climate change, alternative transportation, and innovative use of recycled materials while pedaling the Pedal Bear! A larger than life polar bear will rove across White Bear Lake powered by the kinetic energy of our shanty audience.

Speak Your Truth/ This I Believe Shanty (Arists:: Cecily Spano and staff, parents, and students from Southwest High School)
Work with spoken word artists to “Speak Your Truth” through a giant megaphone inspired sound system. Write down what you hear on the blackboard outside the shanty and listen for the poetry in truth.

Sunrise Shanty (Artists:: Andrew Gramm & Allyson Packer)
Share the intimacy and preciousness of watching the sunrise with a small group of shanty goers in the Sunrise Shanty. Utilizing a solar-powered dawn simulator small groups will sit together first in the darkness and slowly getting to know each other over the course of an imitation daybreak.

The Creep Shanty (Artists:: Ted Klyce, KJ Archer, Stormi Kai Balise, Katie Bates, Chris Barton, William Erikson & Sarah Stone)
Who says we can only be creeped out at Halloween?  This Haunted attic will house a variety of disturbing yet engaging activities. Have your photo taken with a washed –up post –holiday Santaclown. Visit with demonic toy puppets. Sit down at the Donner Dinner Party. Hopefully you make it out of The Creep Shanty with your wits about you.

The Curling Clubhouse Ice Shanty (Artists:: Erin Worms, Danica Kane, Wale Falade, Chris Brenny & Brita Hauser)
Here you’ll find everything you need to engage with the sport of Curling! The Curling Clubhouse Ice Shanty will provide a modified rink, instructional diagrams and lessons. But wait that’s not all! The shanty itself will provide an observation deck and warming house complete with a small gallery on the history of curling.

The Dance Shanty (Artists:: John Each, John Pederson, Bethany Hall, Jake Ryan, Michael Rasmussen, and Michael Hoolihan)
The Dance Shanty again opens its doors and turns up its beats to invite Shanty goers to boogie down. This year there is a new “twist”; professional dance instructors will be on hand to help Dance Shantier’s step up their game!

The Jigsaw Shanty (Artists:: Sarah Hansen, Len Schmid, & Thea Schmid)
A Puzzling structure that will challenge shanty audiences with all types of brain teasers and mind benders. If you tire of the crosswords rebus, and Sudoku combinations, take a crack at putting the shanty itself back together—one wall will itself be a puzzle!

The Mailroom (Artists:: Timothy Smith-Stewart, Charles Spitzack, & Jeffrey Azevedo)
A surrealist shanty both inside and out The Mailroom reflects the scintillating ice crystals of the frozen lake dissolving into its environment. Once inside visitors are transported to a lonely hotel hallway for a moment of solitude with an  invitation to share anonymous stories.

The Meta Shanty (Artists:: Jess Hirsch, Stefanie Motta, Brett Smith, Eamonn McLain, Terese Elhardt, & Sam Hoolihan)
Rejuvenate yourself in this metaphysical space for decompression. Inside the geodesic dome of The Meta Shanty you will find Loving Kindness Meditation, Astrological Readings, Taro Cards, and Essential Oils Workshops. Out on the ice you can participate in Snowga (yoga in snowsuits), Qi-gong, and Tai-Chi.

The Wind Shanty (Artists:: Hana Kjeldbjerg, Erin Murphy, Grace Lansing, Tim Schumacher, Rachel Mogck, Nico Swenson, Chief Drumbeater, Libby Borchert, Shannon Fletcher, and Taylor Hammes)
Celebrating the blissfulness of wind, this shanty will invite all who enter to reflect and play with the wind. Writings about wind will be encouraged as will all kinds of interactive wind games such as flying kites, designing your own wind spirals and wind dancing.

Town Hall Shanty (Artists:: Ady Olson, Ann Butkowski, Rachel Engh, Lauren Fechner, Luke Gliddon, John McNair, Kate Thomas-Tielke, Jake Tielke, and Maggie Whitman)
Hear ye, Hear ye, people of Art Shanty Town are invited to, well, name the town! Visitors to the Town Hall Shanty will be invited to participate in governing Art Shanty Town through opportunities ranging from creating a code of law to designing a flag and seal. Outside of the Town Hall Shanty is a village green for public discourse and celebrations.

The Music Box (Artists:: Paul Owen, Jeff Berg, Tan Nguyen, Chris Gorder, Mike Haeg, Derek Ahlberg)
Pick up a drumstick, pluck a string, clink a chime. The Music Box invites visitors to play the shanty. As a structure with built-in music-making elements — wind chimes, wood blocks, singing tubes — this shanty-as-instrument encourages the creation of collaborative soundscapes on the ice. Everybody, play on!