2012 Artists + Peformers


30 Star Shanty (Artists:: Jen Goepfert, Andrew Arlt, VOA SALT High School Students)
Minnesota became a territory in 1849 - when the flag would have had 30 stars on it. This shanty is all about trying to recreate the life and times of 1849 - 1858. Students from VOA SALT High School, an alternative high school in Minneapolis, are constructing the shanty and studying the things that made up daily life as  independent study projects. Students are focusing on arts and crafts, games and writing, and basic tools of the frontier. We will be making a communal quilt and other small crafts, like dolls, while on the ice.


Actually I've Been Pioneering New Enthusiasms (Artists:: Molly Reichert, John Kim, John Moore, Daniel Dean, Emily Stover)
Actually, I've Been Pioneer New Enthusiasms is an art shanty that will be built from a salvaged Avion travel trailer. It will house parametrically designed interior spaces that form multiple organic and body-friendly surfaces on which people can rest, warm themselves and relax. The shanty will contain a sauna and dressing room, which will also be used as an art and conversation space, a platform for new media art and music installations and talks led by historians, artists, architects, and others. For your comfort, please bring a towel and bathing suit (optional) if you intend to use this shanty.


Audio Adventure Shanty (Artists:: Brady Clark, Mykle Hansen, Kelly Peach)
The Audio Adventure Shanty provides visitors to the Art Shanty Projects the opportunity to experience the project more richly by taking a narrated tour. Headphones are available for checkout to take scheduled tours leaving at set times throughout the day. Try one of the many different tours or more than one! All ages welcome! Tours are in English and last between 15 and 60 minutes.


Basketball Shanty (Artists:: Sarah Baker, Beth Chekola, Jess Hirsch, Eamonn McClain, Sam Hoolihan)
Basketball is a winter sport, but has yet to engage with the seasonal surroundings of a Minnesota winter. The basketball shanty brings a visceral regulation size court to the ice and provides a locker room warming hut to investigate the inner workings of locker room dynamics. Basketball Shanty serves as a platform for public interaction both on the ice through games, halftime performances by Body Troupe, re-enactments of Teen Wolf, and pep rallies with live marching bands, as well as in the locker room through motivational pep talks by various artists, game plans, towel snapping, team photos, and trophy displays.


Camera Head: Invert Your World (Artists:: Andy Mattern, Joe Kaercher, Mark Kritz, Brady McClaran)
Inspired by the history of photography, the Camera Head shanty is a mobile laboratory where visitors will have the opportunity to check out a head-mounted camera obscura. The head-mounted camera obscura is a  light-tight box fitted onto the viewer's head that produces a temporary image of whatever is behind the participant. A  pinhole opening on the rear plane of the box focuses light into an inverted picture in front of the viewer's eyes. With this simple device, participants will be encouraged to explore shanty town from a different perspective, upside down.


Capitol Hill (Artists:: Aaron Rosenblum, Hannah Rivenburgh, Andrew Gramm, Jael O'Hare, Peter Valelly, Jacque Kutvirt)
Capitol HILL appears on the ice as a monument to the absurdities of government. Visitors can find themselves on the dais, disrupting the pat language of political speeches with their own mad-libbed insertions. At the mustache station, they can adopt suitably stuffy facial hair to pay tribute to  Guilded Age bosses. This farce also allows opportunities for participatory, if fanciful, outlets for governance. A wall-sized calendar with dry-erase magnets lets participants create holidays that reflect the people or ideas they want to celebrate. Flags, with velcro-backed shapes, can themselves be re-configured, and wave at citizens who gleefully tweak and re-purpose the foibles of government. And if the 24-hour spin-cycle gets overwhelming, there is a hideaway in the twin domes of the completely transparent capitol HILL. As weeks pass, replicating and ridiculing the bureaucratic formalities of government, citizens will also get chances to re-imagine and re-animate networks of autonomy and inter-dependence.


Dance Shanty (Artists:: Mike Rasmussen, John Each, Jon Pedersen, Mike Hoolihan)
The Dance Shanty is a public space constructed on a frozen lake where the boundaries between artist and observer are pushed, blurred, flipped, popped and locked in the pursuit of positive personal and communal transformation.
Upon entering, visitors are invited through nuance, gesture and unscripted crowd dynamics to become a part of the performance. The transformation is complete when the spectator lowers their inhibitions and need for a structured art experience and becomes a participant. Dance wit me, dance wit me.


Fort Shanty (Artists:: Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Megan Wicker, Molly Balcom Raleigh, Alex Newby, Abigail Merlis, Areca Roe)
The Fort Shanty is a space to build imaginary, intimate places not unlike those we made as children. Engage your sense of delight and play as you build your own fort using an assortment of pillows, pulleys, ropes and more. We invite visitors of all ages to help us create a fort community as ephemeral but meaningful as the worlds we used to create as kids.
You're invited to:
+ Nap Hour, an hour each day when you can cozy up and take a little snooze in the fort you build
+ Snack Time, when you're encouraged to play with your food as you make little snack-forts and then eat them
+ Textile Shop, where you can decorate and print textiles to use in building your fort
+ Story Hour, where we'll have sing-alongs and music for kids and adults.


ICE-Cycles Shanty (Artists:: Maryanna Harstad, Janet Groenert, Meg Kosowski, Peter Schulze, Lisa Carlson, Eric Hofstad, Kurt Seaberg, Mina and Greg Leierwood, Jill Waterhouse, Allen Christian, and Sarah Murphy )
We want our visitors to experience the joy of art, bicycles, winter weather and fashionable self-expression in a completely new way. Let us help you enjoy winter riding, and educate participants on ways to safely take the fun home. Riding a bike is intrinsically linked with childhood exploration and freedom. We seek to encourage this level of joyful engagement with bicycling in all participants' experience of the ICE-Cycles Shanty! With some expert guidance from cycling devotees, artists and problem-solvers, art and cycling can be a tandem joy year-round!
Join the fun: Bike Rodeo; Bike Photo Op with banner, "Hello from Medicine Lake"; Give-aways of Warm and Stylish winter wear for biking; Workshops, such as "How to change your bike over for winter," and "Winter Bike Clinic, Heal Your Bike."


Letterpress Shanty (Artists:: MC Hyland, Jeff Peterson, Jonathon Peterson, Sarah Fox, Sara Parr)
Bringing you the latest in shanty news, opinion and wild exaggerations--hot off the presses every day--the Letterpress Shanty is home to the Art Shanty Projects' communally authored newspaper, The Shantyquarian. Combining Twitter-based social networking with old-fashioned hand-printing from metal and wood type, the Shantyquarin turns your tweets into a broadside newspaper to be distributed for free on the ice. Come by to pull a print on one of our two antique letterpresses, watch the typesetting process, or participate in collaborative writing games. Send us your shanty-related news: tag your tweets with #shantyq, or use our online submission form. Paper submission forms will also be available on site. Check out our website for more details.
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Shantyquarian
Become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shantyquarian


Monsters Under The Bed Shanty (Artists:: Rachel Bendtsen, Matt Mackall, Cali Mastny, Caly McMorrow, Aaron Prust, Scott Raleigh, Cole Sarar)
Monsters Under the Bed Shanty is a fantastic getaway under a giant bed with all the creature comforts. Visitors of every age can socialize and relax in a friendly monster-positive environment. Ongoing activities and events will help you let out your inner monster. Whether you are an Artsy-Monster, a Scary-Monster, a Shy-Monster, or even just monster-curious, this is the place to be!


The Naughty Shanty (Artists:: Sarah Honeywell, Aneesa Adams, Marieka Heinlen, Angela Maki-Jones, Mo Honeywell)
This shanty is designed to allure you and spark your curiosity from far across the ice. It appears like a warm, red, apparition of intrigue in the middle of a white tundra. Around the exterior of the Naughty Shanty, visitors are invited to interact with the structure by peeking into peep-holes that reveal tiny, naughty scenes inside. Mind you this shanty is not dirty, it's just naughty. So please feel invited to bring viewers of any age to enjoy the fun, we mostly want to make you laugh. Come inside and get your naughty fortune read and play little naughty games, like 'who stole the cookie from the cookie jar'. There will be a naughty wall of fame and we'll be making sling shots. Several talented and tantalizing artists have brought their sense of style and sense of humor to the ice. Stay for a while and have a candy cigarette.


Nordic Village Bridge (Artists:: Valerie Borey, David Christian, Jens Henrik Selin, Kathryn Selin, Allison Spenader, Jeff Gerhardson, Ross Dybvig)
The Nordic Village Bridge Art Shanty is a project created and run by the staff and villagers of Concordia Language Villages. Using cultural references to bridges and trolls in Nordic story and myth, our goal is to challenge visitors' assumptions about what it means to bridge cultures in our global community. Visitors can choose a culturally authentic name from one of our hosting villages, participate in language activities, and prepare to meet the cultural challenges posed by the troll hiding beneath our bridge. We believe that being playful helps us to step out of self-consciousness and into new roles and new languages, so we go to great lengths to make that happen; we dress up like Vikings, herd imaginary reindeer, and choreograph our own dances to Eurovision songs. Play along!


On Ice Coordinators Shanty (Artists:: Kelsey Nelsen, Alicia Dvorak)
The Department of Everything Else:
Two office workers have left their humdrum jobs as underpaid file clerks and come to Medicine Lake to devote themselves to Shanty Town. Their passion for the village has led them to take on a wide variety of official and unofficial roles in service to the town and its residents. They have turned their small home into the Department of Everything Else, housing Public Works, Permitting and Immigrations, Health Services, Historical Archives, and more. Come share your shanty stories and folk wisdom for the archives! They can help you with everything from becoming a Shanty Town citizen to curing your cough to collecting your trash. The Department will have a first aid kit and many other types of supplies and is the go-to place for any problems that arise on the ice.


One Room Schoolhouse (Artists:: Anthony Warnick, Katinka Galanos, Patricia Healy, Alyson Cward, Derek Ernster)
Building on the traditions of the rural one-room schoolhouses during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we re-claim this mode of all-inclusive, non-hierarchical learning. Within the walls of our basic one-room schoolhouse, students and the public-at-large can learn basic and advanced skills, as well as have a voice in choosing the school's Guest lecturers and participating in the workshops that the Guests then lead.


Reflection Shanty (Artists:: Brian Nigus, Katy Vonk, Jenny Bookler, Eric Frye, Mel Nguyen)
In an effort to produce a beautiful and multi-purpose space for contemplation, new ideas and social activities, we bring you the Reflection Shanty. In this space, Art Shanty goers are invited to sit and view the beauty of Medicine Lake in an infinite reflection room. On Sundays, we invite people to simply be in the space,  and share a cup of hot white chocolate with us. On Saturdays, guests residents will work with the space to create events inspired by reflection.
Romantic and serene, the Reflection Shanty is at once a visual spectacle and a space of engagement. Ultimately, the goal of Reflection Shanty is to provide a unique experience of Medicine Lake, a space for relaxation and peace, and as a space where education and learning happens. Participants are cleansed through reflection and infected with the profound energy of the Medicine Lake community and environment.


Robot Reprise (Artists:: Mark Safford, Julian McFaul, Krista Pearson, Stephan Thust, Xena Huff, Andy Kedl, Douglas Saldana)
Back with the bot newer better and with a few more gadgets. The Robo shanty is all about Flinstone technology with the impetus to get in and push an invitation to all comers four people can usually push eight riders, or take a swing with seven other friends in the bowels of the bot. This year's bot should be able to fire rockets and twist the night away. There is even scuttlebutt about spinnikering this bot across the ice. This bot will have a major power plant but it runs on fun.


Sashay Shantay (Artists:: Danielle Everine, Carly Schoen, Rachel Baumann, Lela  Hoarst  Baumann, Lindsay Rhyner, Emrys Stramer, Alex Schroeter, Tony Lanners, Leif Ogren)
Join us for a treasure hunting, photo booth fashion journey! Inspired by frozen winds and pioneering voyages, Sashay Shantay aims to recall the romanticism of winters of yore. Light wafts through its ancient ceiling boards, pigeons and spiders roost in the rafters and the floor is covered with mysterious trunks. These chests will be stocked with beautiful, unique, winter-themed items crafted by local designers and community members. Inspired by our handmade items? Contribute a few stitches to the "community cloak"! Those who wander into the disembodied top floor will be encouraged to rummage through these trunks, try things on, and document their transformations in a photo booth. Through the mere act of selecting an article of clothing, wearers can simultaneously imagine themselves as someone else, transport their minds through time and space and protect their bodies from the cold. We invite the public into a surreal, yet intimate space in which they become the models for whimsical and innovative design. Garments will be presented daily in on-ice fashion shows.


The Shanty of Wonder (Artists:: Kermit Boyum, Matthew Nupen )
Resting ominously on the ice, The Shanty of Wonder only reveals its secrets to people with a strong will and warm mittens. The clues are all provided, you just need to put them together. The shanty was created to inspire a sense of mystery and whimsy on top of the harsh environment of a frozen lake. Can you break the code? Can you get in?


SitandSpinShanty (Artists:: Tory Roff, Bridget Beck, Erick Briden, Warren Samuel, Dan Isaacs)
This winter, we want to engage visitors to Medicine Lake in the most universal form of interpersonal interaction... play. We are making a giant sit-and-spin shanty reminiscent of one of our favorite childhood toys. We expect to see teams of users both known and unknown to each other entering the shanty and collectively spin themselves and the shanty about a central table while generating heat through activity and potentially light through the capture of rotational energy. Users will need to communicate and physically work together to get the shanty moving. We also hope that they will laugh and experiment with how to interact with the structure and each other. Movement and light will create the principle aesthetic both inside and out. From the inside, users will experience daylight streaming in along moving arcs of the spinning spiral. From the outside, particularly after dark, onlookers will see an internally lit spiral mimicking the screw-action of an ice auger.


The Social Shanty (Artist:: Lucas Koski)
The Social Shanty is an oasis on the ice. A place to stop by for a quick, tricked-out hot dog, to enjoy a hot beverage or just enjoy the warm sun of Medicine Lake. It is a place for Art Shanty goers to meet Art Shanty Artists, a place to refuel, engage in discussion or simply shove your face with some delicious food. Proceeds of the sales go towards the Art Shanty Projects, allowing ASP to operate and provide funding for the projects. Stop by to see what is coming off the grill today!


Solar Ark Shanty (Artists:: Aaron Squadroni, James Howarth, Aaron Marx, Draeke Weseman, Patrick Smith, John Tapp)
Two fundamental elements that shape people's experience on a lake during a Minnesota winter are ice and sunlight. The Solar Ark Shanty is a vessel for encountering the sun that will provide opportunities for people to alter the sun's relationship to the frozen lake. The shanty has a digitally fabricated wall, oriented to the sun's path, which allows visitors to perceive the environment both as setting and as symbol. By collectively filtering light via the fabricated wall, visitors both obscure and clarify the sun's role in its severe winter environment. Sunlight becomes an artistic medium that can provoke contemplation. As a record of the project, a series of time-lapse films will be created that combine daily cycles of light and visitors' interactions with it.
"The Neolithic concept of a solar barge, the sun as traversing the sky in a boat is found in the later myths of ancient Egypt." - Solar deity, Wikipedia

The Welcome Shanty (Artists:: Paula Engelking and the SciGirls (Grace, Greta, Nikita, and Sukhmani)) 
This is the place to begin your visit and get a map/program of the Art Shanty Projects. It's also the place to see the work of four Twin Cities SciGirls. Grace, Greta, Nikita, and Sukhmani had a challenge: figure out a way to keep more heat inside Jane Powers' and Monica Sheets' former Rendezvous Cafe shanty. They conducted experiments, tested insulation and figured out the best found material to keep volunteers warm. See for yourself how they did it! The SciGirls also came up with a green way to power the LED lights on the shanty's signage. The rest of the world will have to wait until next fall to see the SciGirls' project online and on TV. You can see it when the project starts... it'll be the first shanty you encounter when you hit the ice.
SciGirls, a PBS Kids TV Show from tpt National Productions.