2010 Artists + Performers


Ace Stellar Shanty (Artists:: Carissa Marie Samaniego, Robinson James Miller Wilburn, Eileen Clare Shaughnessy, Abigail Phalen Mullen, Christina Igoe)
Stargazers and astrology fanatics alike are excited to bring you a space to view the Minnesota sky, study constellations and have your astrological chart read. Ace Stellar Shanty is equipped with a Galileo telescope on an observation deck so you can check out the winter stars day or night. Come inside to experience an intimate planetarium and gain insight on the effect of celestial bodies on your zodiac sign.


Art Swap Shanty (Artists:: Julie Kesti, Dana Maiden, Scott Kesti)
Like all swap meets, ours will hold treasures to surprise and delight our visitors. The Ice Art Swaps shanty will be filled to the brim with intriguing art objects, and visitors are invited to swap their own art for any work that strikes their fancy. Throughout the 5 weeks, we will supplement the shelves with artwork donated by friends and fellow artists from Minneapolis, New York, and Los Angeles and beyond. Come with your art and trade for a work that inspires you! When folks enter and leave the Ice Art Swap, "Before and After" portraits will be taken of each visitor holding their item to trade and treasure gained. Visit iceartswap.com for more info. Read about our progress as we build the ice art swap, and view a catalog of the swapping of treasures once Art Shanty Season opens!


ArtCar Taxi Shanty (Artists:: Allen Christian, Dave Lewis, Duane Tougas, Greg Leierwood, Jan D. Elftmann, Kat Corrigan, Maryanna Harstad, Mina Leierwood, Morgan L'Argent, Ruthann Godollei, Sandra Elftmann)
Take a ride in an ArtCar Taxi from the parking lot of Medicine Lake out to the Art Shanty's every Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm. Book a scenic tour of Medicine Lake after you enjoy hot food and beverages from the ArtCar Taxi Shanty.


ArtPost Shanty (Artists:: Jill Waterhouse, Kathleen Reitan, Janet Groenert, Jackie Lannin, Debora Miller, Tina Nemetz)
The world's only Post Office on ice, the Art Post Shanty is the official mail service for the Art Shanty Project. Make a postcard to send from the ice OR send us mail that we'll deliver to your favorite Art Shanty. OR enter your best postcard in our 2nd Annual Mail Art Show, the only art show ON ICE!
    Send mail to:
    Person's name / Shanty's name
    c/o The ArtPost Shanty
    P.O. Box 7364
    Minneapolis, MN 55407


The Black Bania (Artists:: Elaine Tin Nyo, Taavo Somer, David Frank,  Rik  Horton, Paul D. Dickinson, Dwayne Williams, Thomas Thorpe, Matthew Schum)
Black Bania is a smoking hot room on a frozen lake. A tipi will house a sauna room available for use by the public on a bring-your own-towel basis and provide additional space for restorative sauna related activity. We will explore the rich culture of communal sweat bathing referencing Finnish saunas, Russian banias, Roman baths and Turkish hammams, Korean zzimzilbangs, and Native American sweat lodges by providing a space for a series of intimate performances, intellectual exchange, and wholesome physical cleansing.


Dance Shanty (Artists:: Stuart Ralston, Brady Clark, John Each, Mike Rassmuson, John Pederson)
Our aim is to create a robust and welcoming public space where the boundaries between artist and observer are pushed, blurred, flipped, popped and locked in the pursuit of positive personal and communal transformation. The transformation occurs when the visitor lowers their inhibitions and need for a structured art experience and becomes an artist-participant. We find that nothing creates community like getting a bunch of strangers to dance together on a cold day.


dICEHOUSES (Artists:: Mike Haeg, The Citizens of Mt. Holly, MN, The Jurewicz Family, The Ritchie Family)
The dICEHOUSES Shanty reminds folks that there is no more efficient source of warmth than sitting across the table from one's family, some good friends or strangers and playing some good ol' tabletop games. Each of the 5 dICEHOUSES is stocked with The Book of Hoyle, playing cards, dice and games for all to play.


FantaShanty (Artists:: Robin Schwartzman, Rachel James, Andrea Steudel, Michael Stangler, Lindsay Montgomery)
The FantaShanty invites visitors to step off the ice and into a lush, enchanted forest of magic, puppetry and storytelling. Guests are welcome to sit in warmth upon soft mushrooms, tree stumps or the grassy forest floor, to listen to readings of their favorite fairy tales and watch live puppet shows. In addition to performances, visitors are invited to drink hot tea and look through the woods for hidden plants, animals, and other magical creatures.


Guerilla Classroom (Artists:: Jeanine Kindlien, Jane Beckma, John M. Bradley, Ryan Ceresnak, Adam Jonas, Brit Krchnavy, Katherine Larson, Amy Maddy, Dan Noyes, Matt Semke, Heidi Sime, Andrew Summersby, Elsa Wenz)
The Guerilla Shanty includes built-in exterior shelving for the display of small sculptural works produced on-site by shanty-goers, and will showcase corresponding drawings produced by workshop participant on its interior walls. Community-building activities we plan on implementing will explore our connection to the lake's local ecology and terrain in such a way as to surprise and delight participants, turning their notions of Minnesota's winter wasteland on its head. For example, looking to snow and ice as artistic materials to be fashioned into sculpture, incorporating ideas inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy, who utilizes what the land has to offer in all of his works.


Gunderson Residence / Listening Post Seven-Gamma (Artists:: Alex Nee, Tom Lubanovic, John McConnell, Erik Johnsen)
The Gunderson family is hiding nothing. These kind, idyllic Minnesotans are living the American dream. A dream which certainly does not include concealing a den of spies, complete with molar tracking implants, shadowy figures, cloaks, daggers, and cryptozoological nightmares. They're a family more likely to bake up a hot dish than cover up a UFO crash involving the mythical moose men of the north woods. Come on in, and suspect nothing! ..-. .. -. -.. / - .... . / -- --- --- ... . -- .- -.


"I'd rather be..." A Stay-cation Shanty (Artists:: Carrie Christensen, Troy Gallas, Erin Schumacher, Ange Tank, Andrea McKennan, Patrick McKennan, Jaime Wascalus, Jacob Wascalus, Jeremy Wang, Kristin Shardlow, Ben Shardlow, Hal Shifley, Tui Phetchantho, Dan Elias, Tory Christense)
Minnesota can be a harsh place to live in January and February. The many months of frozen ground inspire locals to escape to exotic warmer places or creatively deal with it by spending hours on frozen lakes in small wooden boxes. Our creative combination? The "I'd rather be..." Stay-cation Shanty! Our shanty concept combines the ability to escape to a warmer place while spending time having fun on the ice!


IDEA Shanty (Artists:: Alicia Dvorak, Ben Tsai, Callie Recknagel, Claudia Leung, Joe Rand, Troy Pieper)
The I.D.E.A. Shanty (Innovation, Design, Energy, Art) is a space where art and science intersect and where recycled materials and renewable resources are at the forefront of interactive experimentation, creation, and play. We will build a working wind turbine to generate electricity that will power the projects taking place inside the shanty. The programming will be developed in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota's Design Team youth program.


Library Shanty - Medicine Lake Branch (Artists:: Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Sarah Baker, Matt Maxx, Alex Schluender, Megan Wicker)
The Library Shanty seeks to bring about interaction between art, the public, and the lake through sharing books and providing an environment in which to interact. The Medicine Lake Branch's collection will specifically deal in art and regional cultural activities. We seek to function in a number of ways: to document the exchange and history of objects and information; to serve as a gathering place and location for cultural exchange; and to exhibit notable subjects and ideas within the context of the library's holdings. Come hang out at the Medicine Lake Branch and create a library card, join a book clubs or enjoy the curated shelf-sized art exhibitions.


The Light House (Artists:: Matt Sand, Laura Klecker, Jenna Hines, Dane Steinlicht, Joseph Lochner, Jana Larson)
With the "light" house, we intend to gather as much energy as possible, so that we can give it away freely. From the Sun and each other, we will capture and retain energy, so that we may manipulate it into visual, thermal, playful and creative forms that, when consumed, bring much needed winter-time energy to our visitors.


Nordic Immersion Village Art Shanty (Artists:: Valerie Borey, Sarah Hansen, David Christian)
The Nordic Immersion Village Art Shanty brings Scandinavia on Ice to life! We believe that being goofy helps us to step out of self-consciousness and into new roles and new languages, so we go to great lengths to make that happen; we dress up like Vikings, herd imaginary reindeer, and choreograph our own dances to Eurovision songs. Visitors will be invited to celebrate 'the Art of Nordic Languages' with us by picking a name from one of the Nordic countries, learning culturally authentic songs, and participating in hands-on language classes.


Science Shanty (Artists:: Meghan Jacobson, Joey Reid, William Eddy, Casey Godwin, Ryan Littlewood, Greg LeFevre, Corey Markfort, Patrick McNamara, Mike Evans)
In the Science Shanty, visitors will explore the similarities between art and the graphical representations of science, engage in scientific research, and gain an appreciation for the natural history and beauty of Medicine Lake. Check out how thick the ice is and what lives in the winter waters through our observational ice hole!


Shan-Tea (Artists:: Kelsey Nelsen, Amber Phelps-Bondaroff)
A merry-go-round, teapot turned metaphor, corner-less and filled with bliss. The Shan-Tea, utilizes tea, and transience as platforms for hosting, co-existence and thriving in a group, during the coldest months of the year. International creative explorers and visionaries have amalgamated their efforts and will come together to build with co-operation, insulate with hospitality, and trade in teacups. The door is the handle, and the stove is the spout, the Shan-Tea fosters hospitality, conversation, and giving, heating hearts, cheeks and tongues of visitors, young and old, to warm from cold.


Shop Shanty (Artists:: Travis Olson, Roland Eidahl, Kelly Munson, Mark Lofthus, Melissa Rothman, Jackie Polzin, Jason Johnson, Heather Burnikel, Kaja Foat)
The Shop Shanty will sell a kaleidoscope of items, but not for money. Basically, your money is no good here. The goal is to create a meaningful interaction through which the customer acquires an object of true value. Ultimately, the experience will change the perceived value of every object, encouraging each of us to reconsider the relationship between us and the things we own. Everyday the Shop Shanty will feature different items than the last and our stock will update as soon as someone walks out with something.


Tiny Shanty (Artists:: Cali Mastny, Matt Mackall, Aaron Prust, Scott Raleigh, Rachel Bendtsen, Cole Sarar, Caly McMorrow)
The historic Tiny Shanty is a majestic three-story villa. Through its towering three-foot doors, visitors enter its sprawling 96 square foot Grand Ballroom, overlooked by two levels of galleries housing our famed tiny art collection. Visitors will enjoy our regularly scheduled entertainment including our tiny tea service, petite poetry slam competitions, tiny movie night and more. Tiny Shanty has an ongoing open artist residency program, where visiting artists of all ages are encouraged to express their grandest visions in tiny style with materials provided. During the final
weekend we will host a regional tiny art festival.


Write Me Up! (Artists:: Andrew Arlt, Jen Goepfert)
Volunteers of America SALT High School is an adventure and environmental based alternative high school near downtown Minneapolis. The "Write Me Up" shanty is a chalk board and magnetic poetry cube, where students can ask questions they have for the community. All of the construction is based on LEED (environmental building) standards, with a project goal of using 85% or more recycled or reused materials.