2009 Artists + Performers


A Paper Shanty (Artists:: Anna Grace Christiansen, Claudette Gacuti, Isaac Bros, Jeffrey Maas, Kimmy Tanaka, Liz Parent, Mark Johnson)
We wish to share our belief that paper is no ordinary material; that it can provide extraordinary experiences, tactilely, visually, and most definitely spatially. Not only is our shanty structured of paper tubes; paper is also the unifying element of the project. We wish to extend an invitation to all our guests to be part our creation, and let them in turn create beautiful objects of folded paper (origami). A Paper Shanty exists under the notion that every person is a designer and has the ability to become a part of the art shanty community through participation and activity.


Art Post Shanty (Artists:Jill Waterhouse, Kathleen Reitan)
The world's only Post Office on ice, the Art Post Shanty is the official mail service for the Art Shanty Project. Make a postcard to send from the ice OR send us mail that we'll deliver to your favorite Art Shanty. Join us for wacky projects and performances, including "Art on Ice," the first mail art show held in a shanty! You can send mail to:
      [name of shanty or artists]
      c/o The ArtPost Shanty
      P.O. Box 7345
      Minneapolis, MN 55407


ArtCar Taxi Shanty (Artists:Allen Christian, Duane Tougas, Ephraim Eusebio, Greg Leierwood, Jan D. Elftmann, Janet Groenert, Kat Corrigan, Maryanna Harstad, Max Haynes, Mina Leierwood, Morgan L'Argent, Neal Spinler, Rebecca Ames, Ruthann Godollei, Sandra Elftmann)
Take a ride in an ArtCar Taxi from the parking lot of Medicine Lake out to the Art Shanty's every Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm. Book a scenic tour of Medicine Lake after you enjoy hot food and beverages from the ArtCar Taxi Shanty.


Biology Shanty (Artists:Joey Reid, Mitch Haustein)
The Biology Shanty connects visitors with the natural world. Through direct interaction with practicing biologists in the shanty, visitors will engage in research and educational activities. Visitors get hands on experience with the tools of science as they learn about the food webs that support Medicine Lake and biological research that relates to their daily lives.


Black Box Theater Shanty (Artists:Soozin Hirschmugl, Tou Cha, Danny Friedman, Corrie Zoll, John Bueche) 
The Black Box Shanty is a small-scale theater that highlights the relationship and proximity of performer and spectator. Every weekend during the 2009 Art Shanty Projects we will present an eclectic mix of performances in the tiniest theater in town.


dICEHOUSES (Artists:Mike Haeg, Tammy Dahlke, John Nussbaum, Tom Haeg) 
The dICEHOUSES Shanty reminds folks that there is no more efficient source of warmth than sitting across the table from one's family, some good friends or strangers and playing some good ol' table top games. Each of the 5 dICEHOUSES is stocked with The Book of Hoyle, playing cards, dice and games for all to play.


IAMER Research Lab (Artists:Andrew Dayton, Erin Fenton) 
After the success of the ASP2008 Field Museum, IAMER will install a Research Lab on Medicine Lake. We plan to perform a more intense and comprehensive study of the social, geographical, and environmental aspects of the Art Shanty community. Our research will include weekly activities such as: kite aerial photography, a collaborative community music improvisation workshop, documentation of local folklore, and various research "games." Our Research Lab will also be equipped with a research library available for public use as well as various ongoing sensory perception experiments.


Imperial TransAntarctic Expedition (Artists:Molly Goldberg, Mary Rothlisberger, Amber Phelps Bondaroff) 
From 1914-1917, Ernest Shackleton and his crew were stranded in the South Pole. For an entire Antarctic winter, 28 men lived under an overturned rowboat. What saved them from sure death? Optimism, storytelling, music, community, and a playful thirst for adventure. Survive with us through pageants, icecapades, lanternside chats, storytime, sing-alongs, & other adventures to boost morale on the frozen lake!


Knitting Shanty (Artists:Amy Wilkerson, Tracy Cummings, Jody Wilkerson, Marilyn Thompson) 
This is our 4th year with the ASP. We create warm art and cozy knit goods. Drop in and see what we are working on. Bring your own knitting project and share stories with us. Or if you don't knit, ask nicely and we may show you a stitch or two!


Le Depanneur de la Front de Liberation Quebecois (Artists:John Marks, David Petersen, Daniel Palahniuk) 
The members of Art of This Gallery present Le Depanneur de la Front de Liberation Quebecois, aka The Quebecois Liberation Front Quickie Mart. Combining parts political allegory, absurdist mercantilism, and high cholesterol food, "Le Dep" is the entrepreneurial vision of three former "Felquistes" (the nickname of FLQ members). Disenchanted more by the violence of the movement than the Marxist ideology that ignited its insurgence, this trio of a one-time clandestine cell system has embarked on their final mission - the operation of an agit-prop-filled convenience store. Visitors of Le Dep will recognize the relationship between the comforts of consumerism and the absurd political language that its proprietors peddle.


Ship in the Bottle Shanty (Artists:Mark Safford, Stephan Thust, Xena Huff, Eric Hofstad, Lara Berland, Ethan Johnson, Andy Ketl, Brent Harring, Laurel, Ryan Billig) 
Artists with no discipline are pleased to bring you the Ship in the Bottle Shanty. Its purpose is to take sail to icehouse, create wonder, and bring people together in a zone where arctic barn raising is rewarded with the comrade ship of the sea. Join our motley crew turning 16ft bottle shanty to 32ft ice ship, and take to the high ice.


Nemo Shanty/USS Walter Mondale (Artists:Gabe Strader-Brown, Alex Nee, Lee Delegard, John McConnell ) 
The intrepid USS Walter Mondale and its mighty crew have surfaced in Medicine Lake! Join them for this event of maritime merriment in what will likely be the last time they will see the sun in their long, arduous journey across the land of ten thousand lakes. Sing ancient chanteys, receive authentic* sailor tattoos, and peer through the periscope with genuine looking, sounding, and smelling sea folk. (*sort of)


News Shanty (Artists:Tiffany Hockin, Ariel Pate )  
The News Shanty is your on-the-ice resource for independent, art-focused or otherwise creative, unconventional newspapers. In addition to being a temporary distribution locale for newsprint publications, the News Shanty is also host to local zines and pamphlets for your perusal. Come take a break, drink some coffee, and read the news!


Norae Bang Shanty (Artists:Jesse Siegel, Taffi Vagilante, Mike Hoyt)  
The Norae Bang Shanty brings the love of karaoke out onto the ice. A warm hate-free zone provides an outlet for you to pop in and share your karaoke capabilities or a chance to sing one of your favorite songs.


Ped Pex Power Pod (Artists:Felicia Glidden, Colin Glidden, Veronica Glidden )    
The Ped Pex Power Pod relies on visitor's energy and stamina to pedal their way to a cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa. A social sculpture and experiment in green energy, we are creating bicycle generators and are hoping you, our guests, will have enough pedal power to provide hot drinks for all. We ask visitors to bring a cup or thermos. Although we will have in house mugs, no foam or paper cups will be distributed. Bring your book club or coffee clutch and generate some heat.


Radical Mapping (Artists:Lesley Kadish, Jaime Haire )    
The Radical Mapping Shanty is a place of warmth, color, and upside-down vision. It is a place in the middle of a lake. It is a place where maps change the way you look at your world. The Shanty will function as a venue for map making. Each weekend a new mapping theme will be explored, and visitors will have the opportunity to create their own maps, as well as see and use old and unique maps of the art shanty town, Minnesota and beyond.


Snap Shot Shanty (Artists:Sam Hoolihan, Emily Darnell, Molly Roth)  
The Snap Shot Shanty will function as a multipurpose studio space used to facilitate projects with the attendees of The Art Shanty Projects. Each weekend the Snap Shot Shanty will have a project based theme, and these events will then be documented in photo, video, and sound formats and posted on The Snap Shot Shanty blog. Examples of specific activities include: "The Light Box Kaleidoscope Weekend", "World's Coldest Variety Hour", "Mask-Making Monsters", and "The Frozen Percussion Orchestra".


Sweat & Drink Inc. (Artists:Jonas Lindberg, Betsy Hieb )    
The Sweat & Drink Inc. Shanty utilizes a state-of-the-art sauna distillery technology to make the whole of Medicine Lake drinkable. We need your employment. Benefits include: clean skin, relaxation, superb hydration and much more. Please bring your swimsuit.


The Third Level (Artists:Peter Sowinski, Lucas Koski, Sam Koenigsberg) 
The Third Level is a marvel of design and construction. Lifting visitors to new heights, and enhancing the best aspects of Medicine Lake and Projects this shanty includes a heated programming space on the 1st floor, a 2nd floor deck and a 3rd floor observation/fishing chamber.


Word Shanty (Artists:Miranda Trimmier, Amanda Hedlund) 
As artistic practices go, reading and writing are some of the most private: we do much of it alone. Could we share more of these experiences? The Word Shanty explores the social possibilities of reading and writing through a book exchange, a publicly-produced literary journal, and a rotating series of collaborative, word-themed performances, games, and activities.


K-ICE Studios (Artists:David Pitman, bell) 
Micro-radio station broadcasts to Medicine Lake on 97.7 FM. Programming produced from The Art Shanty Projects participants, visitors and loosely affiliated fans. Mission: stir chaos with randomness. Come in, report the weather, sing a song, tell a story, a joke or relate your experience of being in the shanty. Special thanks to Thadeous Sheppeck, Michael Kronebusch, Chip Schilling and Mike Tincher.


Biff ShantyOn-Site Sanitation
Every ice-covered lake needs 1, we'll have 2. Provided by On-Site Sanitation. Complete satisfaction is more than our goal - it's our standard.